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Business Development Executive


Experience- 1-5 years | Experienced in B2B IT sales, offering expertise in business development, strategic planning, and relationship management to drive growth and foster lucrative client partnerships.

Full Time

IT Project Coordinator

IT Department

Exp- 2-5 yrs in IT Sector | Coordinate IT project | Track timelines | Inline CSS | Facilitate team communication to ensure timely | Provide technical support | Generate status updates | Generate Project Reports | Ensure quality deliverables

Full Time

HR Recruiter


Experience- 1 to 2 years | Sourcing | Screening | Attracting Talent | Good knowledge of Hiring portals | Good Communication

Full Time

 From Owner`s Diary

  • A Corporation is the product of the employees, and this team is one of the best I am working with. It is full of innovative minds who know how to work individually and in a team. Therefore, it makes the journey worthwhile for everybody. Reaching the zenith is hard for one man, but it becomes easy with a team of talented individuals. Thus, moving to the top needs personnel who knows their way to be competitive yet supportive. I am proud because all of my teams are full of exactly the needs.

 From HR`s Diary

  • This workplace has been more of a growing culture to me. There are great team members who are experts in the field and work cohesively. The department is a cooperative one supporting each other throughout the work load. However, what makes this company worth it is the confident and upfront employees who are not just hardworking but supportive. The love for the corporation comes with teams that can take charge and work individually. And lastly, our respected owner completes the unit with constant support.

 From IT Team`s Diary

  • The IT team of ITIO has built great support for the team. What makes our team unique are the subject matter specialists. Professionalism in the field, mixed with a supportive accord, defines our group very well. The group is all about the technical brilliance combined with a business understanding that shapes ITIO INNOVEX`s backend. We love to support each other while providing expert solutions to the customers. It is precisely what makes ITIO a perfect place to work in.